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ZNC EDM is short for z numerical control electric discharge machining. There are X, Y and Z axes used to manage the shapes of the objects. X and Y axes are manually operated while Z axes is numerically controlled. Our ZNC EDMs are equipped with a pulse generator and a dielectric unit to ensure optimum functionality. These ZNC EDMs - Smart ZNC are provided with inbuilt technology chart for better functionality. ZNC EDMs can be designed according to the specific work table dimensions, electrode weight and workpiece height

1. Machine frames are heat treated for maximum rigidity. And stress is relieved by the frame.
2. Work table of ZNC EDM is hardened.



3. Ball screws are fixed on X and Y axes and the design of flat are for maximum accuracy. X and Y axes of ZNC EDM are also TURCITE-B coated for smooth accurate motion.
4. Linear guideway and high accuracy screw are on the Z axes with PMW servo system (like CNC model) for maximum performance and efficiency. Z axes can realize back slide replacing filter.
5. Furthermore, our ZNC EDM is also designed with safe machining circuit to ensure the safety of the end user.

Main Parameters of Die Sinker EDM:

Specification JTM250 JTM350 JTM450 JTM500
Size of Worktable(mm) 500x250 650×350 700×420 800×400
Travel of Worktable(mm) 250x160   350x250 450x350  500x400
Travel of Shaft Servo (mm) 220 250 250 250
Travel of Main Shaft Head(mm) 200 200 200 200
Max. Distance Between Shaft End and Worktable (mm) 700 700 700 700
Max. Electrode Weight (kg) 80 80 80 80
Max. Work Piece Weight (kg) 800 800 800 800
Dimension of Work Solution Tank (mm) 1350×680×500 1350×680×500 1350×680×500 1350×680×500
Machine Size(mm) 1650×1500×2300 1650×1500×2300 1650×1500×2300 1650×1500×2300
Net Weight(kg) 2000 2000 2000 2000

Established in 1999 and with a registered capital of 50 million RMB, BMTI PRECISION MECHATRONICS Co., Ltd is a China die sinker EDM manufacture. ZNC EDM has received the certification of ISO9001, CE and many other patent technologies, and they are quite popular among customers from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Guatemala, Egypt, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Iran, Burma, North Korea, Argentina, Peru, Taiwan, and so on.

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