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The cutting edges of the wire erosion EDM is made from PCD, PCBN and other hard materials. Wire cut EDM has 5 CNC-controlled axes for automatic measurement and cutting of these tools. And also for its high precision and performance, wire erosion machine is particularly applied for tools with profiles and complex geometries.

Wire cut EDM is a kind of high-tech metal cutting machine. It is suitable for processing hard metals. In the cutting process, the thin wire is more precise compared with other types of wire cut EDMs. A wire cutting machine is a good choice for one involved in precision metalworking. And also various models are available.

Established in 1999 and with a registered capital of 50 million RMB, BMTI PRECISION MECHATRONICS Co., Ltd is a hi-tech China wire cutting machine manufacture. To better satisfy high demands of the market, we set up the BMTI PRECISION

General Purpose Wire Cut EDM

Wire Erosion Machine

CNC Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd as our manufacturing base in Sichuan Province of China in 2000. Now our company covers an area of 11600m2, of which 6000m2 is our factory area. Our products mainly include intelligent CNC wire cut EDM, general purpose wire cut EDM, wire cut controller, die sinker EDM, hole drilling EDM, and consumables of wire cut machines.

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