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AF40 CNC EDM Machine
AF40 CNC EDM Machine

AF40 CNC EDM Machine

AF40 Three axis CNC EDM machinery is widely used in the fields of mould production for electronic component, automation, information and communication technology, household appliances. And it also plays an important role in facilitating the parts’ production in aerospace industry, automobile industry, dental industry, watch industry and jewelry industry and many other fields.

1. With high rigidity structure design, high precision motion unit design, precision assembly technique.
2. Automatic measuring function meets the requirements of positioning alignment.
3. Programming expert system: Intelligent auto-generated program works in the process (from rough machining to finishing machining)according to technology requirements. Set machining priority grade according to machining efficiency or quality.
4. Rich translation mode: afford circular translation, square translation, cross translation, and 45 degree angle translation, etc. Adjust chip-exhaust condition to reduce electrode wear obviously.
5. Control system is new embedded industrial PC and multi-CPU system, which uses American GALIL motion controller, Yaskawa and Panassonic AC driven unit.
6. With windows platform, it features multitask operation and easy operation.
7. Displaying machining status anytime, which achieves capable network communication.

Parameters of Three Axis NC EDM Machinery
CNC EDM Machine AF40
Machine tool Machine tool structure C Type Structure
Machine weight Kg 2500
Overall dimension mm 1600 × 1600 × 2300
X stroke mm 380
Y stroke mm 280
Z stroke mm 280
Displacement measurement system position encoder
X、Y、Z displacement measurement resolution μm 1
Working range Worktable dimension(L×W) mm 700 × 400
Oil groove mm
Maximum weight of electrode Kg 50
Maximum weight of work piece Kg 600
Working fluid system Oil tank capacity L 590
Filter system L 4 paper filter
Pulse power supply  Type Isopulse power supply
Peak current A 64
The best surface roughness(Ra) μm 0.1
Minimum electrode wear 0.1%
Maximum machining efficiency (64A) mm³/min 400
CNC system Screen 17TFT
Remote controller Standard configuration
Programming expert system Standard configuration
Control axis Axes controlled simultaneously
Power producer Three-phase voltage V 380
Power frequency Hz 50
Power consumption (64A) KVA 7
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