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Description of Wire Cut Control System:
This wire cut control system, also called wire cut controller, is mainly used for programming, controlling process, and inputting orders. And its main component is industrial PC.

This wire cut controller should be packed by the wooden case, and adopt land or sea transportation.

Features of Wire Cut Control System:
1.The adopted industrial PC can fully meet the requirements of UL, CSA, and TUV, and has strong environment adaptability.
2.As an integration of automatic programming and machining control, it is able to work once users input their codes.
3.Its background programmable function contributes to less auxiliary time.

Wire Cut Control System

Wire Cut Control System (Wire Cut Controller)

4.The fully digital control ensures better self-adaptability, and the waveform display has been used to show pulse power supply.
5.Total drawing programming system can directly communicate with the AUTOCAD.DXF document.
6.Intelligent high-frequency power supply system has been fitted.

Main Parameters of Wire Cut Control System:
Host Computer Industrial PC Computer CNC Control axis 4-Axis Synchronously Control
Programmable Storage Capacity USB 80G Hard-disk Min. Control Unit 1μm
Display Monitor 17 inch LCD Max. Control Unit 10 m
Input Device Keyboard, USB-flash, Cable Output Code 3B ISO
Working Code 3B, 4B, ISO Control Code ISO
Memory 32-128M Working Current of Machine Tool 4-6A
Language Chinese/English Width of Each Pulse 4-120 μs
Orbiting Type Square Orbit Circle Orbit Shape of Working Voltage Waveform for Machine Tool Grouping rectangle
Unit metric/inch External Dimension (L×W×H) 600×500×1800
Working Voltage of Machine Tool Selected 60-120V(3 Stalls) Packing Dimension (L×W×H) 800×700×1900

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