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Description of Die Sinker EDM:
This die sinker EDM, sometimes also referred to as die sinking EDM machine, is capable of sector, multihole, and vector process. Designed with the mirror finishing circuit, it is widely applied in mould sector, medical field, watch industry, connector industry, and the like.
Featuring advanced structure, easy operation, and stable performance, it can be used to manufacture a wide range of machineries and moulds. Its main components are machine tool and oil tank.
This die sinker EDM has received the certification of ISO9001.

Advantages of Die Sinker EDM:
1.Its main components are made of HT300 high-quality grey iron that has undergone aging treatment in order to eliminate the internal stress, thereby reducing their deformation degree.
2.The worktable, after high-frequency hardening treatment, has high accuracy and long service life.
3.Its axles, fitted with linear guide rail and servo motor, are driven by the synchronous belt, which results in the improvement of their processing accuracy and work efficiency.

Die Sinker EDM

Die Sinker EDM

4.Oil lubricator is used to provide oil for X, Y, and Z axles.
5.All of the X, Y, and Z axles are fitted with 0.5ū electronic ruler so as to increase the processing accuracy.
6.As many as 100 groups of processing parameters can be stored in this die sinking EDM machine.
7.Continuous sophisticated process as many as 10 parts can be achieved.
8.Intelligent automatic processing function is designed for this machine. Once users input processing requirements, it will begin to do various processing work automatically.
9.Powerful and perfect parameter editing function is designed for this die sinker EDM machine, which has greatly facilitated its operation for senior operators.
10.A large variety of practical automatic protection functions have been designed for it, such as fireproof machine down monitoring protection, liquid level monitoring machine down protection, oil temperature monitoring machine down protection, automatic fire protection, and that.

Attentions for Die Sinker EDM:
1.The flashpoint of its working fluid should be more than 70℃.
2.Invasive processing mode should be adopted during work pieces manufacturing, and the working fluid level should be 50-100mm above work pieces that are being processed.
3.Regular lubrication and maintenance are quite necessary for this die sinker EDM machine.
4.This die sinking EDM machine should adopt wooden case packaging, land or sea transportation mode.

Main Parameters of Die Sinker EDM:
Specification JTM250 JTM350 JTM450 JTM500
Size of Worktable(mm) 500x250 650×350 700×420 800×400
Travel of Worktable(mm) 250x160   350x250 450x350  500x400
Travel of Shaft Servo (mm) 220 250 250 250
Travel of Main Shaft Head(mm) 200 200 200 200
Max. Distance Between Shaft End and Worktable (mm) 700 700 700 700
Max. Electrode Weight (kg) 80 80 80 80
Max. Work Piece Weight (kg) 800 800 800 800
Dimension of Work Solution Tank (mm) 1350×680×500 1350×680×500 1350×680×500 1350×680×500
Machine Size(mm) 1650×1500×2300 1650×1500×2300 1650×1500×2300 1650×1500×2300
Net Weight(kg) 2000 2000 2000 2000

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