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As a result of improvement of living standards, people today have more demands on their household appliances, such as unique design, easier operation, high performance, durability, flexibility and more. All of those customers' demands and expectations require our continuous research into new manufacturing and processing approaches so as to provide optimal household appliances for clients.

Based on those requirements, we have high-performance wire cut EDM machines for household appliance manufacturers. Our wire cut EDM mainly includes CNC wire cut EDM, general purpose wire cut EDM, and wire cut control system. And our CNC wire cut EDM includes intelligent electrode wire EDM, high precision wire EDM, and wire EDM for top end accuracy. All of them have received the certification of CE and ISO9001.

Household Appliances

Household Appliances

Their machine tools are easy to operate. There is lots of data in their intelligent operation systems, and once workers choose materials and thickness of work pieces to be processed, the system itself can automatically find out the optimal machining parameters.

Their products have high precision. Their intelligent wire electrode diameter control systems are able to choose out molybdenum wires with different diameters, thereby obtaining high-precision processing. If you process 20 work pieces continuously, their tolerance is within 0.5um.

As a professional manufacturer of CNC electrical process machines in China, BMTI PRECISION MECHATRONICS Co., Ltd have many EDM machines products for customers, and most of our products have received the certification of CE and ISO9001, and they have been well received by customers from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Guatemala, Egypt, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Iran, Burma, North Korea, Argentina, Peru, Taiwan, and so on. If you're interested in our EDM machines, please contact us freely.

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