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Description of Soap:
Our soap is made up of potassium oleate soap, lubrication oil, and surfactant, and it is packaged by plastic bottles. There is 2kg soap per bottle, and there is 9 bottles per box.
Our soap should adopt wooden box packaging, and land, sea, or air transportation.
Before using it, the soap should be mixed with water according to the proportion: soap: water=1: 40-50.
With excellent cleaning performance, it is quite appropriate for large thickness cutting and multiple cutting.

Features of Soap:
1.It is quick to dissolve, easy to transport, and convenient to use.
2.Under mass processing condition, it can keep stable cutting performance, and its efficiency is 30% more than the traditional emulsified oil.



3.Its wire electrode wastage is 50% less than the traditional one, which ensures much longer service life of molybdenum wire.
4.It is suitable for processing 0-500 mm die steel and it is also appropriate for multiple cutting.

Attentions for Soap:
1.It is yellow substance. Sometimes some water may be separated out, but it is normal. Users can just stir it to be homogeneous before using, and its solution should be pale milky while.
2.With excellent cleaning performance, it is better used alone so that its cleaning ability can not be affected by other kind of emulsified oil. But it can be used together with other emulsification soaps with good detergency.
3.It is environmentally friendly, and it also needs tight packaging.

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