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Description of Mo. Wire (Molybdenum Wire):
The Mo. wire is the abbreviation of molybdenum wire. The wire electrode used by our wire cut EDM is made of molybdenum, which takes up more than 99.95%. Its tensile strength is no less than 1500 N/mm, and its extension is no more than 5%.
And our molybdenum wire mainly has two kinds of specifications: Φ0.18mm and Φ0.20mm.
It should adopt wooden case packaging, and sea, air, or highway transportation.

Attentions for Mo. Wire (Molybdenum Wire):
1. Keep the current stable throughout the operation.
2. To avoid broken wires, large current shouldn't be used when cutting large thickness materials.
3. Normally, users should change the molybdenum once a week.

Mo. Wire

Mo. Wire (Molybdenum Wire)

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