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QDY10 Series Servo Valve
QDY10 Series Servo Valve

QDY10 Series Servo Valve

QDY10 series force feedback servo valves are double nozzle flapper servo valve, which have great performance on fast dynamic response, pressure sensitivity and linearity, small zero drift, low required input. The value uses super hard aluminum alloy shell and have compact structure, which is allowed to select the 5th oil port for controlling the pilot valve separately.
Our self-developed machines have been widely used in metallurgy, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, textile and printing industry.

Working Process
QDY10 electro hydraulic feedback servo valve is a key control part of the electro hydraulic servo control system, acting on electro hydraulic conversion and power amplification, which performance and reliability will directly affect the performance and reliability of the entire system.
To be specific, it can receive the electrical signal passed by system directly, and convert it into a load flow or pressure signal which is polarized, proportional and can control the electro hydraulic servo valve, so that the system will output hydraulic power to drive the corresponding executive bodies.

Component of QDY10 Force Feedback Servo Valve
Electro-hydraulic servo valve is a closed-loop control system, which generally consists of electro-mechanical conversion, power amplifier, feedback.

1. Electro-mechanical conversion parts: in nozzle flapper servo valve, electro-mechanical conversion parts is a torque motor, the principle of operation is to convert the current of input coil swinging into the mechanical energy of the armature.

2. Power amplifier section: power amplifier is convert the input mechanical energy of the swing armature into the hydraulic energy of pressure and flow. In QDY series electrical feedback valve, the power amplifier is mostly achieved by flapper-structure.

3. Feedback: this part is to feedback the output pressure or flow to the preceding stage as the displacement, force or other forms. Due to this feedback mechanism, the servo valve itself is a closed-loop control system. QDY series servo valve is force feedback servo valve, to achieve the feedback function by bezel components.

Parameters of Force Feedback Servo Valve

Supply oil pressure range 
1.5 to 28
Rated supply oil pressure 
Rated flow QN [L/min] (at valve pressure drop of 7MPa) 
100, 125, 150
Rated current
40, 80
Non linearity 
Pressure gain 
Internal leakage 
Zero drift of supply oil pressure(80 to 110% Ps) 
Zero drift of return oil pressure(0 to 20% Ps)
Zero drift in temperature(-30 to +150) 
Amplitude frequency width (-3db)
>35 to 50
Phase frequency width (-90°)
>30 to 50
Work temperature 

-40 to +100
Net weight 
4, 7.5(for steel body)

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