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As we all know, medical instruments and appliances have high demands on quality and precision. To meet those demands, we have manufactured various quality wire cut EDM and die sinker EDM to do something for medicine industry.  

We have several types of wire cut EDM, including CNC wire cut EDM, general purpose wire cut EDM, and wire cut control system. And the CNC wire cut EDM is comprised of intelligent electrode wire EDM, high precision wire EDM, and wire EDM for top end accuracy.

All of their machine tools are easy to operate. There is lots of data in its intelligent operation system, and after workers have chosen materials and thickness of work pieces to be processed, the system itself can automatically find out the optimal machining parameters.

Their linear guide rails and ball screws have been specially designed for their working tables, in which way high-precision products are ensured.  

Medical Instruments & Appliances

Medical Instruments & Appliances

As a professional manufacturer of CNC electrical process machines in China, BMTI PRECISION MECHATRONICS Co., Ltd can provide a wide range of EDM machines for customers throughout the world, and most of our products have received the certification of CE and ISO9001, and they have been well received by customers from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Guatemala, Egypt, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Iran, Burma, North Korea, Argentina, Peru, Taiwan, and so on. If you're interested in our EDM machines, please contact us freely.

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