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Our wire EDM machine for top end accuracy is suitable for processing high precision moulds, as well as progressive dies.

Its X and Y axes are driven by alternating current servo motor, and it is equipped with manual control box. It should adopt fumigation wooden case packaging, and highway or sea transportation.

It mainly consists of control cabinet, machine body, water tank, intelligent tension control system, intelligent operation system, and intelligent wire electrode control system.

1.Its intelligent operation system can deal with several CPU at one time.
2.Its intelligent tension control system, invented by us, is of high performance.
3.Precision linear guide rail, precision ball screw, and centralized lubrication system have designed for its working table.

Wire EDM for Top End Accuracy

Wire EDM Machine for Top End Accuracy

4.The automatic going up and down of the wire frame leads to no noise.
5.Imported guide rail with plastic stickers for the wire cylinder movement, noncontact switch for silicon flexibility control, and alternating current frequency conversion for speed control.
6.Various self-protection functions make unwatched operation possible: overtravel self-protection function of the wire cylinder, broken wire automatic machine stop function of the machine tool, short circuit auto return capability of the processing, power failure memory protection ability, short circuit automatic alarm function of the processing, broken wire automatic alarm capacity, and machine stop automatic alarm function after finishing processing.

1.The guide rollers should be kept clean, and the voltage of the machine tool and the water temperature should be kept stable.
2.Please regularly clean the guide roller assembly, as well as replace their bearings.
3.The circuit should be regularly examined and tested.

Main Parameters of CTPK Series CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine:
Table travel(X×Y) mm 350 × 400 400 × 500 500 × 630 630×800 800× 1000
Z-axis travel mm 350 350 350 350 350
Work table(L×W) mm 730 × 540 910 × 600 1010 × 680 1220 × 795 1410 × 1010
Max. work-piece size(L×W×H) mm 720×530×350 900×590×350 1000×670×350 1210×785×350 1400×1000×350
Max. work-piece weight kg(lbs) 350(770) 400(880) 800(1760) 1200(2640) 2000(4400)
Diameter Of the molybdenum wire mm Φ0.18-Φ0.20 Φ0.18-Φ0.20 Φ0.18-Φ0.20 Φ0.18-Φ0.20 Φ0.18-Φ0.20
Max. wire bobbin travel Mm (inch) 150(5.9) 150(5.9) 210(8.26) 210(8.26) 210(8.26)
External dimension (L×W×H) mm 1400 1200 1650( 1400 1260 1715 1750 1700 2000 1930 1700 2080 2400 2200 2320
Packing dimension (L×W×H) mm 1650 1300 2000 1650 1300 2000 2000 2000 2200 2000 2000 2200 2450 2400 2500
Weight kg(lbs) 1300(2860) 1400(3080) 2000(4400) 3000(6600) 3800(8360)
Volume of working solution L 54.375 54.375 54.375 54.375 54.375
Water tank size mm 750×290×300 750×290×300 750×290×300 750×290×300 750×290×300
Wooden case size (L×W×H) m 1.65×1.35×2.45 1.8×1.45×2.45 2.0×1.65×2.45 2.25×1.85×2.45 2.6×2.22×2.45

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