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  • Application of Grease Injection Valve
  • Application of Grease Injection Valve Grease injection valve is designed for the quantitative injection of various greases. We have two types of valves for different injection capacities. DLP series for small quantity less than 20ml, and DLQ series for large quantity from 30ml to 170ml.....
  • EDM machine for automobile industry
  • Automobile Industry As for the automobile industry, high flexibility is required due to the lifecycle-management cost pressure. Besides, the integrated manufacturing processes of automobiles make it necessary to avoid all the possible errors.
    All of those decide that the high precision of all automotive accessories....
  • EDM machine for motorcycle
  • MotorcycleOur processing machines can be used to manufacture quality and precision motorcycle components. And those processing machines mainly include wire cut EDM, die sinker EDM, and hole drilling EDM. There are three types of wire cut EDM: CNC wire cut EDM, general purpose wire cut EDM, and wire cut control system. The CNC wire cut EDM includes intelligent electrode wire EDM ...
  • EDM machine for Aeronautic & Aerospace Industry
  • Aeronautic & Aerospace IndustryComponents, used in aeronautic and aerospace industry, should have features of superior performance, innovative appearance, and security. Of course, the economic viability may be equally important.
    Considering those demands for the components used in aeronautic and aerospace industry, our wire cut EDM machines ...
  • EDM machine for Medical Instruments & Appliances
  • Medical Instruments & AppliancesAs we all know, medical instruments and appliances have high demands on quality and precision. To meet those demands, we have manufactured various quality wire cut EDM and die sinker EDM to do something for medicine industry.
    We have several types of wire cut EDM, including CNC wire cut EDM, general purpose wire cut EDM...
  • EDM machine for Electronic Industry
  • Electronic IndustryAs for the electrons, due to their extremely short production life cycles, flexibility, short production times and no manual rework are essential. In the meantime, controlled processing and automation are quite necessary.
    Given these requirements of electrons, we can provide precision and high-performance ...
  • Household AppliancesAs a result of improvement of living standards, people today have more demands on their household appliances, such as unique design, easier operation, high performance, durability, flexibility and more. All of those customers' demands and expectations require our continuous research into new manufacturing and processing approaches so as to provide optimal household ...
  • Fitness & Sports Equipment
  • Fitness & Sports EquipmentNowadays, an increasing number of people attach more attention to their fitness. As a result of that, more and more of them have been devoted to exercise and sports, and more demands on the fitness and sports equipment are required.
    To help manufacture better fitness and sports equipment, we provide quality and precision ...
  • General Machining Industry
  • General Machining IndustryIn the general machining field, high efficiency, flexibility, and short set-up time are essential. Meanwhile, automatic and reliable production and process are important too.
    Considering these factors, we can provide suitable wire cut EDM machines for general machining industry. And we have five kinds...
  • EDM machine for Luxury Goods
  • Luxury GoodsToday, people have been more and more interested in luxury goods, and that makes the luxury goods markets more prosperous. Due to high customer expectations on luxury goods, their manufacturing and processing are very demanding.
    To offer better solutions for the manufacturing and processing of ...
  • Power Generation Equipment
  • Power Generation EquipmentAs to power generation equipment, quality and high-performance components are essential. That makes a good processing machine quite necessary for power generation equipment manufacturers.
    And we believe that our wire cut EDM machines are quite ready for that purpose. We have wire cut EDM, die sinker EDM, and hole...

Our products mainly include wire cut DEM, die sinker EDM, and hole drilling EDM, and they are especially appropriate for processing metal moulds.

In the following, detailed applications of our machines will be given.

Our wire cut EDM machines are mainly used for cutting moulds, and they are widely applied in aeronautic and aerospace industries, automobile accessory field, medical equipment, electronic industry, daily necessities, and the like.

Our die sinker EDM machines are mainly used for forming moulds, and can be used in various industries, such as mould, pharmaceutical, wrist watch, connector, and more.

Our hole drilling EDM machines can be used to drill holes for wire electrodes in various industries.

BMTI Precision Mechatronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, which specializes in processing, manufacturing and selling of electro-hydraulic servo valve and CNC EDM machine. The main products include hydraulic products, such as electro-hydraulic servo valve, servo amplifier, quantitative grease valve, electric cylinder and hydraulic system, and electro machining products, such as electric discharge machine, FANUC wire electric discharge machine and YGS series small hole drilling EDM. If you want EDM machines, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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