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In the general machining field, high efficiency, flexibility, and short set-up time are essential. Meanwhile, automatic and reliable production and process are important too.

Considering these factors, we can provide suitable wire cut EDM machines for general machining industry. And we have five kinds of wire cut EDM machines for customers: intelligent electrode wire EDM, high precision wire EDM, wire EDM for top end accuracy, wire cut control system, and general purpose wire cut EDM. All of them have certificates of CE and ISO9001.

Their performance is quite stable and reliable, and there are few broken wires. There are a wire electrode tension indicators invented by ourselves to guarantee the constant tension.

Their waterproof guide roller structure, which is our own patent, can effectively prolong the service life of the guide rollers as well as bearings.

Diversified self-protection functions to make unwatched operation possible: overtravel self-protection function of the wire cylinder, broken wire automatic machine stop function of the machine tool,

General Machining Industry

General Machining Industry

short circuit auto return capability of the processing, power failure memory protection ability, short circuit automatic alarm function of the processing, broken wire automatic alarm capacity, and machine stop automatic alarm function after finishing the process.

As a professional manufacturer of CNC electrical process machines in China, BMTI PRECISION MECHATRONICS Co., Ltd have a wide variety of EDM machines for customers, and most of our products have received the certification of CE and ISO9001, and they have been well received by customers from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Guatemala, Egypt, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Iran, Burma, North Korea, Argentina, Peru, Taiwan, and so on. If you're interested in our EDM machines, please contact us freely.

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