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  • SVA-Ⅱ Servo Amplifier
  • SVA-Ⅱ Servo Amplifier SVA-II servo valve amplifier is a box power amplifier with self-contained DC stabilized power supply, which is mainly for driving and one-stage closed-loop controlling of nozzle flapper servo valve and jet pipe servo valve, etc. It uses a portable standalone box for easy use. The front board adopt...
  • SVA-III-S Servo Amplifier
  • SVA-III-S Servo Amplifier SVA-III-S is a board type electro hydraulic servo amplifier with position demodulator, which is mainly for controlling 3-stage valve with LVDT position sensor. It has LVDT demodulator circuit, and realizes closed-loop controlling within the inner loop of servo valve's coil. Moreover, Board ser...
  • SVA-III-M Servo Amplifier
  • SVA-III-M Servo Amplifier SVA-III-M servo amplifier is a SVA-III board type amplifier, which integrated with standard 19-inch power chassis. Its controlling functions are same with that of SVA-III board type amplifier. Electro hydraulic servo drive is mainly for controlling 3-stage valve with LVDT position sensor, which can ...
Description The function of servo amplifier is to compare, operate and amplifier the input voltage signal with the systems feedback voltage signal, and then output an current signal to the torque motor of the servo valve, finally control the valve core and limit the amplitude to protect valve.

Application SVA series servo motor drives are specially used for driving and controlling electro-hydraulic servo valves. The servo amplifiers are mainly for high accuracy controlling of electro-hydraulic servo valves like nozzle flapper servo valves, jet pipe servo valves, etc.
In a hydraulic system, it is possible to control physical parameters, like position, speed, acceleration and force by using various hydraulic devices and measuring sensors. For example: Valve-controlled cylinder, valve controlled motor, valve-controlled pumps, etc.

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