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  • QDYB6  Proportional Valve
  • QDYB6 Proportional Valve QDYB6 series electro hydraulic servo proportional valve adopts the high-performance proportional electromagnet as the electric-mechanical converter, which is equipped with the high-precision valve core, valve sleeve and built-in displacement sensor, and allocated with the internal or external high-p...
Description Electro hydraulic proportional valve is a hydraulic component, which can translate electrical signal to displacement signal by an analog electric-machinery converter. When this valve acts, the electric-machinery converter will response the input signal to move the valve core, change the opening size of the valve to output the voltage and flow proportionate to the input voltage. The valve core can give feedback as mechanic form, hydraulic form or electric form.

Application Our self-developed servo proportional valves are widely used in metallurgy, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, textile, and printing industry.

Advantages 1. Compared with the traditional electro-hydraulic proportional valve, it has high control precision and good dynamic characteristics, which is close to the control performance of the electro-hydraulic servo valve.
2. It features strong anti-pollution capacity and high reliability. It is also a hydraulic control valve with high quality and high cost performance.
3. The electro hydraulic proportional valve is widely applied in machine tool, metallurgy, hydropower, petroleum, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, textile and printing industry.
4. The series of servo proportional valves reach the level of foreign similar advanced products, and in the domestic leading level.
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