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  • Servo Amplifier
  • Servo Amplifier The function of servo amplifier is to compare, operate and amplifier the input voltage signal with the systems feedback voltage signal, and then output an current signal to the torque motor of the servo valve, finally control the valve core and limit the amplitude to protect valve....
  • Proportional Amplifier
  • Proportional Amplifier Proportional amplifier is used for drive single electromagnet proportional valve. The servo proportional controller can offer the current to adjust the valve core to match the input signal. Adjusting the gain and the bias of the potentiometer on the amplifier can ensure the valves accuracy....
Description The amplifier is the servo drive for driving and controlling servo valves and proportional valves. It can realize high accuracy control of all kinds of valves. Servo power amplifier can be composed with other hydraulic systems and measuring transducers into an electro-hydraulic servo system, such as valve-controlled cylinders, valve-controlled motors, valve-controlled pumps, to control the displacement, velocity, accelerate, force and other physical quantities.

Application SVA series servo valve amplifiers are specially used for driving and controlling electro-hydraulic servo valves. The amplifiers are mainly for high accuracy controlling of electro-hydraulic servo valves like nozzle flapper servo valves, and jet pipe servo valves, etc. In a hydraulic system, it is possible to control physical parameters, like position, speed, acceleration and force by using various hydraulic devices and measuring sensors. For example: Valve-controlled cylinder, valve controlled motor, valve-controlled pumps, etc.
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