CNC Wire Cut EDM

Quality Control
We have our own R&D (Research and Development) department to carry out technical improvement and innovations. Meanwhile, we implement ISO and ERP management to ensure the high quality of our products. Moreover, we hold regular technical training and communication for our technicians and production workers to help them improve their operation capacity.
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Company: Zigong Jiate CNC Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Address: No.106 Liangshuijing Road, Da'an District, Zigong City, Sichuang, China
Postcode: 610016
Tel: +86 28-843-8038
Fax: +86 28-843-3532

Shenyang is known as the biggest "Wire Cut EDM Machine, Die Sinker EDM, Hole Drilling EDM" manufacture base in southwest district of China.

  • CNC Wire Cut EDM
  • CNC Wire Cut EDMOur CNC wire cut EDM machine is mainly used to process high-precision moulds and work pieces. And as a medium-speed...
  • General Purpose Wire Cut EDM
  • General Purpose Wire Cut EDMThis general purpose wire cut EDM can satisfy various work piece processing requirements in different fields. And its main components are mainly ...
  • Wire Cut Control System
  • Wire Cut Control SystemThis wire cut control system, also called wire cut controller, is mainly used for programming, controlling process, and inputting orders. And its main...
  • Consumables of Wire Cut Machine
  • Consumables of Wire Cut MachineOur consumables of wire cut machine mainly include molybdenum wire, idler pulley, soap, electrically conductive block, and water jet board...
  • Die Sinker EDM
  • Die Sinker EDMThis die sinker EDM, sometimes also referred to as die sinking EDM, is capable of sector, multihole, and vector process. Designed with the...
  • Hole Drilling EDM
  • Hole Drilling EDMThis hole drilling EDM is mainly used to process small holes of superhard steel materials, hard alloy, copper, aluminum, and many other electrically...
About Us

Established in 1999 and with a registered capital of 50 million RMB, Zigong Jiate CNC Machinery Co., Ltd is a hi-tech enterprise that specializes in research and development, manufacture, and marketing various CNC electrical process machines. To better satisfy high demands of the market, we set up the Zigong Jiate CNC Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd as our manufacturing base in Sichuan Province of China in 2000. Now our company covers an area of 11600m2, of which 6000m2 is our factory area.

Our products mainly include wire cut EDM, wire cut controller, die sinker EDM, hole drilling EDM, and consumables of wire cut machines. So far we can manufacture as many as 400sets of wire cut EDM machines, 350sets of die sinker EDM machines, 200sets of hole drilling EDM machines for our customers throughout the world every year.

Most of our products have received the certification of ISO9001, CE and many other patent technologies, and they are quite popular among customers from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Guatemala, Egypt, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Iran, Burma, North Korea, Argentina, Peru, Taiwan, and so on.

Advantages of Our Products:
Our wire electrode tension indicators, invented by us, can examine and adjust the tension of wire electrodes at any time in order to keep the tension constant. As a result, our CNC EDM machines feature stable processing, and less broken wires.

Our intelligent operation systems, invented by ourselves, are saved lots of data. In this way, users only need to choose the materials and thickness of work pieces to be processed, and then the machine itself can automatically select optimal processing parameters. So even for new workers, our EDM machines are easy to operate.

Applications of Our Products:
1.Our CNC wire cut EDM machines are widely used in aeronautic and aerospace industries, automobile accessory field, medical equipment, electronic industry, daily necessities, and the like.
2.Our die sinker EDM machines can be used in various industries, such as mould, pharmaceutical, wrist watch, connector, and more.
3.Our hole drilling EDM machines can be used to drill holes for wire electrodes in various industries.

1. We can provide relevant pictures, parameters, production cycles, recommended consumables, and related samples for customers, and we can deliver them to customer by express. The expenses of the express should be paid by clients.
2. We can make periodic chart of production for customers, and we also provide customers with EDM production and installation pictures. Meanwhile, some wearing parts will be delivered along with the CNC EDM machines to clients so that they can replace them by themselves. And the delivery time of products to be exported abroad is about one month.
3. All products have one year of warranty, and during the warranty period, we offer free after-sale services as well as free wearing components for customers.
4. Free EDM machine operation and trouble removal training are available.
5. We can manufacture CNC EDM machines strictly according to specific requirements of customers such as appearance, height, and the like.